Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th Sep : Celebration of happiness in Junaid Haveli

At the beginning of the episode, Aman strikes a stone with his sword, and the stone divided into two pieces. And the heart of the black jin appears in it. Aman asks Armaan to attack him now.

But Jin says he is small and cannot do anything. Then Aman, Roshni, Rehan, and Shayari attack him together but Jin defeats them. And he says that he will eliminate Armaan itself. But everyone tries to save Armaan. But fail.

And then Armaan uses his powers and tries to burn the black jin. But Black Jin’s heart starts going into his chest.

Shayari says that if the heart went back to his chest, then they can’t kill the black jin ever again. And then Aman attacks his heart. But still, there is no effect on his heart.

Jin says only his child can finish him. And Armaan uses his powers and this time Jin’s game ends.

Rehan thanks Shayari for her help. And Aman and Roshni are also very happy. They come home and everyone is happy to see them safe. Aman says he is getting a lot of peace now because Kala Jin is now gone from his life. Further, at Junaid Haveli, they celebrate this big festival.

They cut cakes and dance. And enjoy their happy moments. But then the lights themselves turn on and off and everyone is shocked. And goes outside to see what is happening. And they see Ilme-jin’s book.

Rubina tells them that this book has come to tell them that the door to hell has opened. And now the most dangerous jin will come here. Because Aman is the king of Jins. And then a devil Jin comes out of the door.

Roshni tries to close that door back. But Rubina tells her that she cannot do this. Because the jin of hell is very dangerous and they can’t defeat them easily. Episode end.

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