Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th Sep : Baby shower ceremony

Naksh and Kartik were searching for the omen cloth which was a special part for Nair’s baby shower. But Kartik says that we should try for one more time, as he can’t see the occasion letting down for a single piece of cloth. After listening to this Naksh moved towards one side for searching that omen cloth but, as soon as he turned back, Kartik was missing from his place. Then he shouted 2-3 times Kartik’s name but he was not there anymore.

All the family members were there in the house for Nair’s baby shower, but they were also worried about the omen cloth Which was an important part of the baby shower. As soon as dadi commands Surekha to call Kartik and ask what happened did they got it or not, Naksh entered the house and was standing silently, within few seconds Kartik joined him too. Then they said that they didn’t get omen cloth for the occasion, but they have managed something else in place of that. Kartik has juggled and made a super special omen cloth with the use of white flowers. All of them were happy with this idea of Kartik.

Kirti and Gayu had dressed Naira and was also praising Naira for her beauty and on the other side Kartik was worrying why Naira is taking so much time, is she ok or not. At the same time, all the family members made Kartik stop overthink, and at the same moment, Kirti and Gayu entered with a funny accent and said Karti that Naira is waiting for her inside the room.

Samarth asks about vatsal from gayu in return she replied that he is sleeping in his room with his nany. But samarth said I will look after him as gayu is busy. From the back, Surekha calms samarth and said nany is there and she will look after him so that gayu can manage some time for her.

As Kartik enters the room background music starts and Kartik and Naira spent some time together.and then they came out of the room in front of the family. All started praising Naira for ger beauty. And then all move toward to start the occasion. Dadi commands Naksh and Kirti to pray god for the second child. Kirti recalls the past discussion which she had with Naksh. All the members started praying with there wishes.

Before starting the occasion Naira thanked all the members for the preparation and uniting all the members for the occasion. And says to reveal the surprise which they have planned for her.

After the suspense, Nair’s eyes were filled with tears and a happy moment was captured all around the house and after that, a wooden palki was decorated with flowers and had made Naira sit on it and started dancing all around and Naira was happy with all this arrangement. After that Kartik snatched all the attraction with his fake baby bump and dance moves. All were enjoying the moment with there dance. Suddenly Krishnan calls Kartik and says (superman please come). After that Kartik tried to talk but no response from the other side. Then Kartik starts panicking all sudden and all the family members also start worrying. Krishna’s phone was out of reach and Kartik decided that he should go and check where she is ok or not.

Episode Ends.

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