Yeh Hain Chahtein 19th Sep : Yuvraj’s planning to kill Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh hinted preesha, that he wanted to say something to her. With little hesitation, rudraksh plucked up to say preesha that he love her, but in between saransh entered the room. And started requesting both of them to join with him in the party as his friends and their parents were waiting to meet them. As saransh seems to be a stubborn child so he managed to take both of them to the party. vasudha started making a video of saransh and rudraksh dancing and enjoying the party.

Ahana and Mishka while holding their drinks, Ahana was planning to throw Preesha out of the house as soon as possible. though Ahana was finding Yuvraj left and right in the party. At the same point of time, Yuvraj entered into the party and started searching for Rudraksh, as soon as he sees Rudraksh enjoying the party with Preesha, as Yuvraj was holding a grudge against Rudraksh he started chanting negative things for Rudraksh. Suddenly Ahana glanced at Yuvraj and went there and started taunting that how Rudraksh insulted and beaten Yuvraj in front of Preesha. Here Ahana tries to provoke Yuvraj and asked him to share the secret of Preesha which she will use against Preesha to get her out of this house and as well as form Rudraksh life too. After thinking for a couple of seconds, Yuvraj thought if he shared that secret with Ahana he would lose the money bag which he will get if he succeeded in taking Saransh from Preesha’s life. But he denied to share that secret, and then Ahana moved on.

Rudraksh and Preesha were sitting over a table and Preesha was feeding Rudraksh and wiping his lips too, they were having a romantic moment with recalling there past sweet memories. And Yuvraj was standing at the corner and ranting against Rudraksh. While Rudraksh was holding Preesha’s hand her mother called out her name and suddenly Preesha stood up but Rudraksh didn’t leave her hand. But somehow she managed and went off, And Yuvraj was still standing there and ranting against Rudraksh.

Yuvraj stopped one of the waiters and showed him a bundle of notes and said that he would get this bundle if he will do a favour for him. With the sparkling eyes, the waiter agreed, And then Yuvraj mixed a tablet into the drink and asked the waiter to offer this drink to Rudraksh. When the waiter offered the drink, Rudraksh refused to take and in between his friend came and started asking him, that what Preesha replied to her magical words, then Rudraksh explained that he was unable to express his feelings as he was a little nervous. And from the behind, Yuvraj was forcing the waiter with weird gestures to offer him the drink again and again, but Rudraksh refused all the time. Then Rudraksh friend called the waiter and picked that drink and says Rudraksh to drink in one sip and go express your feelings to Preesha.

While Preesha was taking his parents to saransh room, Rudraksh said Preesha to come along with him as he gas some urgent talks. But saransh started saying that he wanna show his new toys to them and he was waiting for a long time, so Rudraksh allowed them to go. As soon as they left, Rudraksh got a mild stroke, but somehow he managed to get back to his seat. Where he faltered and his friend held his hand. And make him comfortable. As Rudraksh felt gis head was becoming heavier so he left the party and moved towards his room. As Rudraksh was moving towards him Yuvraj was Also following him without getting noticed, on the way he also picked a sharp knife and chanted, that he would send Rudraksh to his brother soon. With flattering steps, Rudraksh laid down on his bed and Yuvraj with an evil smile came to his room waving his knife and feeling happy that now no one could stop him to get Preesha back in his life. The moment he was stabbing Rudraksh, he hears Preesha’s voice as she was searching for Rudraksh, And now Yuvraj was confused about what to do, Preesha entered the room and she was shocked.

• Episode ends

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