Anupamma 19th Sep : Anirudh’s plan against Kavya and Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya and Vanraj are talking to each other on a video call when Nandni comes and disconnects the phone. Nandni asks how she is. Kavya says that she is all right. Leela taunts that earlier Kavya came herself, now she also brought her niece. Jayesh tells her not to say so.

After a while, Kavya gets Anirudh’s call. He tells her that he is going to Surat for 2 days. And also apologize to her for tomorrow. Kavya disconnects the phone and is happy that Anirudh is leaving. She sends her voice note to Vanraj and calls him to her house in the afternoon. Then Anupama comes there. Kavya thinks that Anupama has heard everything. But Anupama goes away only by giving her the charger of the phone.

Kavya plugs the charger into the phone. And at the same time, she is shocked to see Sanjay and Dolly. Sanjay asks Leela why Kavya is here. Leela tells him the whole story. Sanjay thinks Anupama is naive and Kavya can make things difficult for her.

Further, Kavya and Vanraj meet at Kavya’s house and Vanraj hugs Kavya. That’s when Anirudh takes his picture. He is shocked to see Anirudh there. And Anirudh tells them that he lied that he was going to Surat. Because he knew that he would definitely come here after hearing the news of his departure.

Vanraj comes to Anirudh. And Anirudh tells him that if he comes to him, he will send this picture to Rakhi. And then his son’s marriage will be broken. Vanraj gets shocked. Kavya tells him not to do it because Vanraj’s children are not at fault in it. Anirudh says that he will not give the photo to anyone but he will not delete it either.

Another side, everyone chooses Sadiya for marriage and Dolly asks Anupama to choose one too. But Leela refuses and asks Anupama to focus only on making laddus. Anupama sees how Leela and Dolly are wearing sarees to show Jayesh and Sanjay. And she misses Vanraj. Samar and Nandni see it. And Nandni brings a sari for Anupama and Samar takes her photo and sends it to Vanraj. The episode ends.

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