Anupamma 17th Sep : Kavya’s cunning plan

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama brings jewels to Lila. And together gives her a ring of Kinjal and 60,000 rupees with it. But Leela refuses to take it and taunts her. Anupama feels sad as well as Babuji and maternal uncle. And that’s why he asks Leela to bring the jewels that her mother gave her. But she says she made other jewelry from it. On this, he taunts her and says that she tore her own jewels for her happiness and when Anupama did that she felt bad. He goes by saying this.

Next, Nandni asks Samar how her mother is, he says that she is not well and he says that she should not get married as it is the worst option. Nandni consoles him. Vanraj is talking to Kavya and the two fight over the issue of Anupama. And Vanraj angrily hangs up the phone. Anirudh laughs at Kavya and says that because of which she wants to divorce him, Vanraj is behaving in the same way. Kavya gets annoys with this.

Vanraj taunts Anupama and tells her that every woman has trouble for some reason. Anupama apologizes to him. Then she puts medicine in Vanraj’s ears because his ear is sad. Then he would go to sleep. Someone knocks at their door at midnight. Samar opens doors and she is Kavaya. Everyone is shocked to see her. Kavya embraces Vanraj and says that she will be with him now. Leela asks Kavya to leave Vanraj.

Vanraj tells her to get away from him so that no one doubts him and asks Anupama to take care of her. Anupama then asks her what happened. Kavya tells her that Anirudh raised his hand on her. Anupama and all are shocked and Anupama says she will stay with them so that Anirudh cannot do anything further. Episode end.

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