Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th Sep : Baby soul turns Armaan into a spirit

At the beginning of the episode, Baby Ruh comes inside Dadi and is carrying Armaan. Roshni tells her to stop and says that she is her mother and she should listen to her and she should give Armam to her. But Baby Ruh starts crying and does not listen to anyone. Aman then gets upset and calls Baazigar. But Roshni tells him not to use magic. And Baby apologizes to Ruh. Roshni says that she could not save her and she is sorry for this. But Armaan is his only brother and she should leave Armaan. But Baby Ruh gets out of Grandma’s body but takes Armaan. Grandma faints.

Rehan’s magic is not working in the bottle. Shayari thinks about how she will be free from here. Both try a lot but can’t get out. Shayari says that we will be able to go out only if someone opens the bottle. Baby Ruh takes Armaan to a room and closes the door. Aman breaks the door and sees that Armaan has also become a spirit. And he goes with Baby Ruh. Everyone is taken aback. Aman breaks down and Roshni also cries in sorrow.

Roshni tells Aman not to worry and says that she will take back both of her children. Aman says Kala Jin has cheated by using their child. Rubina asks him to come with her. Rubina picks up the burnt flower leaves and puts them on the book. And some spells are spoken. And they realize that Armaan is the one who can eliminate Kala jin. And that’s why he wants to end Arman.

Aman says but he will not let anything happen as jin wants. And they call Baby Ruh and Armaan. They come there Roshni asks Baby Ruh to return them Armaan. And Baby asks Ruh to join their life. Aman says that it is his fault that he could not save her. And she is now making the same mistake by taking her brother to Jin. He pleads with Baby Ruh to return him Armaan. Baby Ruh returns Armaan and disappears herself. Rubina tells Roshni that Baby Ruh has left the third letter. Which is ZA. And they create the name by adding all three letters.

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