Shaadi Mubarak 16th Sep : Tarun and Rati buy new cars

At the beginning of the episode, Tarun feeds Rati a cupcake and tells her that his salary has increased. And now their car will also come soon. Rati is happy. And says now they don’t need Preeti. As now they have also got a good maid. Tarun says ok.

There, KT and Preeti come home. KT tells her to hide because he wants to do a drama. He then tells Kusum he no longer needs Preeti. Kusum starts crying and says that he should give her another chance. But he refuses. Kusum starts crying more. Preeti laughs to see her and tells her that she has decided to work with him. Everyone is very happy and takes a selfie.

Kusum then chooses a nice sari for her and asks her to wear it. Preeti agrees to her. Kusum says she is jealous of her because she has become KT’s partner. Kusum says that God has not given her a good husband but has given a good partner. Preeti feels sad after hearing this and Kusum apologizes to her. She says it doesn’t matter. She then calls to tell her mother-in-law, but cannot tell because they are out of the city.

KT’s uncle wakes him up in the morning as it is time for the shop to open. There Kusum Preeti and all get ready to go to the shop worship. They are walking on the road that and Tarun is showing off his car in front of them. Preeti is happy to see them. But they do not give look to Preeti. Which makes Preeti sad.

But then they notice Preeti. And Rati goes to Preeti and taunts her that the car has also come to her house and like her is not living in others house then she leaves. Preeti prays for them. KT’s driver then brings a car for them. Kusum and her daughter are happy to see this. The episode ends.

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