Anupamma 16th Sep : Anupama is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Nandni comes to Shah’s house and Pakhi says that it is good that she came.  Because Samar is not teaching them good dance.  Nandni says that she will teach them a good couple dance.  Nandni teaches everyone and dances with Samar herself.

Leela is worried about Anupama as she has not come home yet. She calls the goldsmith and asks about Anupama and he tells her something.

Then Anupama comes as well as Rakhi.  Rakhi reveals the truth of the ring to everyone.  Everyone is shocked.  And Leela and Vanraj look at Anupama angrily.

Rakhi speaks to create further misunderstanding between them that Anupama only cares about her daughter’s happiness and bought this ring.

Next Rakhi leaves from there saying that she has to complete a lot of work and also to see the engagement hall.  Vanraj asks Pakhi to go with her.  And Pakhi goes to see the engagement hall with her.

When they leave, Vanraj asks Anupama from where did she get so much money.  Leela says she knows from where the money came.  And she tells them that Anupama has bought these rings by selling jewelry.

Leela says how dare she do that.  Anupama says she overhears her and Dolly and after listening to them she decided to sell jewelry.

Leela says that she took this decision without listening to thier whole conversion and did not consider it necessary to discuss the subject with her even once.  Anupama says she is misunderstanding her.

Leela says that she is getting everything right and now she has no faith in her at all.  And she asks her to get her other jewels.  Anupama feels sad to hear such a thing.

But she does as Leela says and goes to get jewelry.  Paritosh feels sad about this.  Anupama takes out her jewels and a bangle falls to the ground.

Paritosh gets it up and gives it to Anupama.  Paritosh says that Leela is absolutely wrong.  And she is getting very angry on a small thing, Anupama tells Paritosh not to say so.  The episode ends.

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