Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th Sep : Baby Ruh wants to kill Armaan

In the beginning of the episode, Salma is acting like a child. And is repeating mother word. Roshni says her mother has become a child. Aman says and she is calling only mother’s name. Rubina says she was probably too young when she died. Therefore, she only knows to say this. Baby goes to play with the child but she starts crying. Roshni silences her, the child, considers Roshni her mother. Rubina says if we find her mother then we can eliminate the problem. Rubina again thinks of using the same powder to find out further. Roshni feels something strange.

Rubina reads the mantra and smear the powder. Everyone is shocked and looks at an image but nothing is clear. Roshni goes outside and notices the rose plant and realizes that the child is her second child. Roshni comes in and the image joins her and everyone realizes that this child is nobody else but Aman and Roshni’s child. Aman is sad to know this.

They wonder who can help them now. Roshni says Rehaan and Shayari can do it because they know the name of Kala Jin. Rehan asks Shayari where she is going. Shayari says home. And then they come home using their magic. Roshni goes to the child Jin and says that he has come to know that he is their child. They talk to her but the soul has gone. They wonder where the child’s soul has gone.

Roshni expresses the grief of losing her second child to Aman. She says that she forgot her second child. Roshni says she wants to play with her and weeps. Aman says we have to know her last wish to help her. Rubina says she will help them in this. Rehan and Shayari reach home and then Kala Jin comes there and imprisons them. Rubina invokes a spirit from the world of spirits. So that she can know through it what Baby Ruh wants.

But they see that the flower of armaan gets burnt. And Rubina tells that she wants to eliminate Armaan. Baby spirit comes to the grandmother and takes Armaan. There Rehan tries to be free from captivity. But Jin says he will not let them spoil his plan.

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