Barrister babu 16th Sep : Anirudh is happy with Bondita’s work

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says goodbye to Mini and asks her to rest. And comes home. Bondita tells Brij that she will come at the same time from tomorrow and then run towards the house. Anirudh enters the house and Bondita thinks how she go to the house now because Anirudh is standing in front. That’s when Anirudh receives a call from someone and goes to pick it up. Bondita then enters the house and sits at the place where Batuk was sitting and doing homework. Bondita thinks that perhaps he has not done any work and now she has to be ready to be scolded.

Anirudh comes there and sees that all the Bundis are finished. He asks Bondita if she ate all the bundis. Bondita says that these are definitely eaten by Batuk. And now she has to eat poles. She raises her hand in front of Anirudh. And Anirudh is shocked to see her work copy.

Surmani and Munshi are shocked to see four goats there. And think how the goats came. Sampoorna says that these are dowry goats. They says why her parents didn’t come to give it. Sampoorna says they are busy with some work so cannot come. Biraj says that we should not think about all this. According to the promise, they have given us goats and now we should keep Sampoorna well.

Anirudh tells Bondita that they must now go out and tell everyone. Bondita thinks what will happen now. Anirudh calls everyone. Trilochan says what did Bondita do now. Binoy say she must have messed up everything again. But Anirudh proves his fact wrong and tells everyone that Bondita has studied very well. Trilochan is happy and says that the miraculous Krishna of Brijwasi also said the same. Anirudh says Brijwasi is a hypocrite and should not obey him. Bondita says that is worng because Brijwasi is truly miraculous. Anirudh says how can she say that? Has she met him? Bondita does not reply. Episode end.

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