Shakti 16th Sep : Virat took a big step

At the beginning of the episode, Heer shares with Soumya how sad she was when she put turmeric on Virat’s face. Heer questions that why Soumya leaves her and cries.

On the other hand, when Harak learns that Soham is behind Heer’s life, he thinks of ending his life first. But Ravi and Sindhu stop him.

Shano is happy to know that Soham does not let Preeto raise her hand on him and has challenged him. She tells Soham that he did very well by doing this. And she dances happily. Soham is surprised to see her so happy.

At night, Heer is preparing for her exams. That’s when Virat comes there through the window. Heer notices him and is shocked. She asks him why he has come here.

Virat says to befriend her, on which Heer says she does not want to have any relationship with him, not even friendship. Virat says then he is taking the photo of Soumya. He runs away taking a picture from there. And Heer stops him.

Soham calls Jharana and informs her about it. And the Jharana gets angry. Soham tells Shano that he has told everyone to Jharana Shano says good and goes from his room. That’s when her husband notices her and thinks that she is definitely going to mess something up.

Jharana comes to Virat’s room and when she does not find him in his room, she informs everyone. And get angry. Virat insists on accepting his friendship. And when she does not agree, he decides to walk on the road with his eyes closed. And he also does so.

Heer gets scared and stops him. But she still refuses to accept his friendship. Virat makes a call this time to Preeto so that she accepts their friendship. The episode ends.

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