Barrister babu 15th Sep : Bondita is confused

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita goes inside the cellar. Brij says that Bondita will not hear anything inside. And she will not know what is happening. Brij thinks and he will run away with lots of money without any knowledge.

Anirudh tells Mini that he has come to know what her truth is. Mini feels that Anirudh has come to know about everything that happened between her and Binoy. Mini is very scared.

Bondita decides to do this austerity for her sister honestly. Brij invites Trilochan and other devotees inside. Trilochan comes and feeds God. And is happy to see the idol drinking milk. Brij says that he is a zamindar but a fool.

Anirudh says he knows that Mini wants to participate in the dance party. He says Mini will learn Dance within 4 days and then they will participate in it. Mini says and what about Bondita. Won’t he have to teach her?

Trilochan says to Krishna that his daughter-in-law is very devil and he only cares for her. He asks if she will be able to become a good daughter-in-law. Anirudh says he will manage everything. Mini smiles and says she will not let Anirudh go to Bondita.

Trilochan listens shlokas loud sound. Trilochan says that the sky is being spoken. But he does not know its meaning. Brij says that Lord Krishna is saying that his daughter-in-law will soon become a skilled housewife.

After a while, Brij asks to come out of Bondita and asks her to daily come to do penance at this time. Bondita thinks that this is the time of her studies. Then how will she come here at this time every day? The episode ends.

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