Yeh Hain Chahtein 15th Sep : Balraj insulted Gopal and Vasudha

Balraj insulted Gopal and VasudhaVasudha says that we have caught sight of someone, that is why it happened. Gopal says the fault is that he trusted an unknown. Then Rudraksh’s call comes and he takes his call and he asks them to the party. Rudraksh’s mother says he did well by calling them. Mishka does not find this right and she decides to tell this to Ahana.

Further, Rudraksha is changing his clothes. Prisha says why he didn’t ask for her help. Rudraksha says that because she was not here. But she can open his jeans. Prisha says that Saransh will help him but he says he wants her help. Prisha says she can’t and she starts running. Rudraksha laughs and says that he was only pulling her leg. Prisha pushes him and tells him not to do this again. He pulls her over himself and both share romantic moments. Then Saransh comes there. And asks what will Prisha wear. Rudraksha says that Prisha will wear what he chooses.

Ahana doubles Prisha’s files and finds it after a lot of hard work. But the name of the mother of Saransh is written on paper is Prisha only. Ahana says her hard work go in drain. Balraj says the party should be the best and Balraj and Sharda meet Bunty. There Rudraksha brings clothes for Prasha and Saransh. Prisha does not like that dress. Saransh says they should put up a fight and the one who wins will decide. Prisha wins. Rudraksha says she has done cheating. Rudraksha says she can wear it for him. Then Bunty comes there. And meets them.

The two go to another room to spend a good time together. Bunty says that he saw that he was in love with Prisha. He denies this. Bunty says he should confess his love. Rudraksh says that but what about she did with Rajiv. Bunty says that Prisha cannot do this. And now he should accept this. The party begins. Vasudha and Gopal come there. Balraj insults them but Rudraksha stands up for them.

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