Anupamma 15th Sep : Anupama sells her jewelry for Kinjal

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama comes to her mother’s house and Vanraj too. Anupama’s mother is happy to see her and is shocked to see Vanraj. Because Vanraj rarely comes to her house.

But then they welcome Vanraj. Anupama’s brother sets a fan for Vanraj. Vanraj turns that fan towards Anupama. Anupama is happy with this.

Anupama and her mother make breakfast Anupama says she always used to say that Vanraj loves her, just not showing up. Her mother says yes. Anupama then asks her about the jewelry if she can sell it.

She says yes, she is her jewelry and she can do whatever she wants. Anupama says she will get a ring for Kinjal. Her mother says she is a very good mother-in-law.

Anupama messages Rakhi and asks for her goldsmith’s address so that she takes the ring. Rakhi says how can Anupama buy such an expensive ring and says that her plans will be spoiled.

She calls Paritosh and asks about this. Paritosh says that they cannot buy such an expensive ring and his father has also refused Anupama. Rakhi understands that Anupama has not told anyone about it.

Anupama goes to buy the ring alone and Leela is against this. Leela says Anupama will spoil everything. But Vanraj says she is not a child and will take care of everything. Anupama sells her jewelry and buys the ring.

She sends the photo of the ring to Kinjal and Kinjal shows it to her mother. And she says that Anupama is very good. Rakhi says Anupama has not told anyone about it and she will take advantage of it.

Everybody is dancing. Leela looks for Anupama and asks about her again and again. Vanraj also wonders why Anupama has not come yet. The same Anupama is coming to the house and Rakhi also follows her. And reveal the truth of the ring and everyone is shocked. The episode ends.

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