Shakti 15th Sep : Soham and Preeto become enemies

At the beginning of the episode, Rohan gets angry with Soham for hating Heer. Preeto says that if he cannot change his mind then he should leave her house. On which Soham says that if he went from home, the truth of Heer would also go out of the four walls of the house. Virat warns Soham that if he tries to do something like this, the consequences will not be good. Preeto says Soham disappointed her today and from now on they both end their relationship and Soham is her enemy. Soham says he has no problem with this enmity.

Heer is eating ice cream and Malika tries to distract her. Then Preeto comes there and asks Heer to go home. Heer escapes with Rohan. Malika asks who is Heer’s enemy, Preeto weeps and tells Soham. Preeto says that she could not give good rites to Soham, so he has become so. Preeto says that from now on, her and Soham’s relationship has ended. Malika pacifies her.

Jharana thinks where is Virat. She thinks if Virat passes from the window and goes to Heer. She goes to check on his room. And Gurminder gets nervous and prays that Virat is in his room. However, when Jharana opens the door, Virat is in his room and has changed his clothes too. Jharana says everyone is waiting for him. Virat says then they should walk near everyone and they leave the room.

Soham feeds Shano laddus. Harak says for what reason the laddus are being distributed. Soham says these laddus are only for him and Shano. Because if Harak ate these laddus, he would find them bitter. Harak is fermented. Preeto and others come to the house. Harak asks what is the spectacle is going on. Preeto sends Heer to her room. And then she takes Harak with her to talk. The episode ends.

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