Shaadi Mubarak 15th Sep : Preeti accepts KT’s offer

At the beginning of the episode, Agarwal apologizes to Preeti as KT insists on him. KT tells him Preeti is a hardworking and talented woman. When Preeti listens to KT, she realizes that she had a son who did not care about her honor but today a stranger man cares for her. She becomes emotional. And KT goes from there. Kusum compliments KT. And Preeti goes from there without saying anything. Kusum says she will take care of everything. And asks the rest to go to sleep. Preeti is still crying after remembering the words of Tarun. Kusum thinks what Preeti is doing at night. Kusum goes to her but Juhi stops her and tells her that she does it when Preeti feels sad. Kusum understands her.

Juhi tells Kusum that she should not tell anyone Kusum says she will not do it because she is not such a woman. Astha and Kajal are laughing at something. Kusum comes to their room and asks what are they laughing about. Both do not say anything and then she asks them about Preeti. They say that she went to the temple. There, Preeti meets KT at the temple. KT asks why she called him here. Preeti is talking about here and their things instead of talking about the issue. And the same thing repeats over and over. KT then asks her to come to the point. Preeti says that whenever she starts a new thing, she comes here. And then they go inside the temple. KT says what new work means by working together. Preeti says yes.

Preeti prays to God that she has trusted a stranger so do not let her trust break. KT is very happy because Preeti said yes. Preeti tells him to calm down a bit. And because KT did not take a bath and come to the temple, Preeti says that he should have taken a bath. So KT sees the water and pours the water on himself. Preeti laughs at his actions. KT is happy to see her happy. He approaches her and says can he stand in the temple now. Preeti says yes. The episode ends.

Precap: Preeti does not like KT’s expensive office.

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