Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th Sep : The child powerful spirit causes problems

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni says what will happen if the child falls in the lamp. Aman says that this can only be a child in appearance and speech, but he will be a devil. Therefore, Roshni does not need to soften the heart. They again hear the child’s voice. And they are attacked. But they survive. They tell this thing to everyone in the morning. And Aman is said that Kala wants to play with their emotions by sending them the child’s form jin, so they need to be careful. Shayari and Rehan get trapped in the cave and Shayari is suffering in pain.

Rubina tries to call the child Jin with the sound of toys and sprinkles a special powder so that she can see Jin’s face. But their magic cannot work due to that powder. Hearing the sound of toys, the child comes there. And cries loudly, causing pain in Rubina, Aman, and Roshni’s ears. The child disappears all the toys and blows Armaan into the air. Roshni and Aman get scared. However, nothing happens to Armaan.

Rehan tells Shayari that his magic is not working on this cave. Shayari assures him that his magic will work. And this time his magic works and he comes out of the cave. Rubina says that now we know jin is a child. Roshni says but something is definitely wrong. Aman says so they have to kill that child. Roshni says that Jin is a spirit and a spirit cannot be killed. Rubina says we can get rid of that child by knowing her last wish.

Shayari and Rehan try to find the paper in which the name of Kala Jin is written. Rubina calls Ruh and Ruh enters Salma’s body and Salma faints. Roshni gets terrified. Then Salma means Jin’s spirit calls mother. Everyone becomes serious. Shayari and Rehan get a paper named Jin. Rehan and Shayari read it. Rehan says that this is the name of the black jin whom everyone dies after calling. So it is Jin’s trick that as soon as Roshni and Aman take his name, they dies. And they think they have to stop them soon. The episode ends.

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