Barrister babu 14th Sep : Brijwasi’s clever plan

At the beginning of the episode, Brij overhears Bondita and Sampoorna and realizes that they need four goats. Brij had already killed a child due to his greed. And this time he was thinking about taking advantage of the trouble of Bondita. Brij says to Bondita that Lord Krishna is ready to help her and will also give him goats. Bondita and Sampurna become happy. And Bondita asks him how she can get a goat. Brij says that for this she will have to do penance.

Brij thinks that he will take advantage of naive Bondita and rob the residents of Tuslipur. Because Bondita is the right choice to become Krishna’s voice. Bondita says but how will she know that her penance has been completed. Brij says when he sees stars in the day. Bondita asks if the stars are seen during the day. Brij says yes she will see it.

He tells Bondita that he will have to do penance for three only then she will get goat. Bondita says that her sister cannot wait that much and that she needs goats right now. Brij gives them the money and asks to buy the goat. Bondita accepts his help and takes the money and gives it to Sampoorna.

There Trilochan and others are waiting to see God. Trilochan thinks when he will see God. Bihari says he will see you soon. Brij tells Bondita to go to the basement to do penance. Bondita gets nervous. Brij says Rishi Muni used to do the penance in the same place. He narrates the verse to her, which she has to say when the red-green light is awakened. Bondita learns the verse and goes inside. The episode ends.

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