Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th Sep : Once again, Roshni and Aman won

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni says she knows that Aman will not harm her son. And frees him from captivity. Saya Jin says that Roshni has made a big mistake by doing this. Aman runs towards the child. And lifts it in his lap. But as soon as he picks up the child, the evil inside him starts disappearing. And Saya Jin also starts disappearing.

Roshni says that no matter how big the evil is, it cannot win in front of love. Saya Jin completely disappears and goes by telling the letter of Kala Jin’s name before leaving. Aman thanks Roshni for bringing him back. There Neela Parrot brings Shayari and Rehan to a place where Kala Jin’s grave is and says that they will get his name with the help of it.

There Rubina says that how can be a name has two similar letters which are la and la. Roshni asks her to find out this from Rubina’s book when only Kala Jin comes there. Kala Jin says that if they will tell his name now, then they will not have to face the third challenge. Aman says that he feels that Kala Jin is scared because they defeated two Jinns. Therefore, he has come not to help them but to spoil the work.

Shayari and Rehan think that Jin’s name is written in the grave here but there is no name. Rehan says that he did not get the fruits of his hard work. Shayari says why there is no fire on this fire hill. Rehan also thinks the same and he uses his magic to bring fire and then the name comes. They are calling Roshni and telling her the name. But Natasha comes there and stops them.

Aman and Roshni say that they are ready for the third challenge. And black jin gives third jin beige. This time the sound of crying comes from the lamp, Roshani says if we have a child in the lamp then how will we fight with a child. There Natasha says that Kala Jin’s name is Jalala. That’s when the storm comes. Episode end.

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