Shaadi Mubarak 14th Sep : Preeti got cheated

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti is decorating Agarwal’s house, when KT also comes there to help her. Then Agarwal comes there and asks them to fix the lights of their house. KT says this is not their job. Agarwal says that the client in the form of God and they should do as they say. He goes away. KT says he doesn’t like this guy.

There Kusum asks what is the problem between her and Priyanka that she is not talking to her properly. Juhi tells nothing. And asks Priyanka to calm her anger or else she will have to tell all to Kusum. There KT asks Preeti whether he can be her partner. Preeti does not answer. Then Agarwal comes again and this time he asks her to fix the kitchen tap. KT says he is taking advantage of her naivete. But Preeti does not listen to him. And she does as Agarwal says.

Preeti then thinks that KT may not have eaten anything yet. And she gives him samosas of peas. KT says this is his favorite and Preeti knows her very well. Then Agarwal comes and says that he does not like Preeti’s job and removes her from the job. Preeti leaves. And that man says that a domestic woman like Preeti cannot do any work and they can only be taken advantage of. KT overhears this and is very angry.

He calls Kusum and says no one should ask Preeti about her work and keep Preeti awake till 11 in the night. Kusum says okay. And she makes Preeti clean the room with some excuse. And then Agarwal comes and tells Preeti to arrange some quilts. KT also comes there and counts his faults. He asks him to apologize to her. He does the same and also gives money. Preeti helps him. Episode end.

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