Shakti 14th Sep : Soham caught red handed

At the beginning of the episode, all apply turmeric to Jharana and Virat. Jharana also tells Heer to apply turmeric. Heer denies this, but on the stubbornness of Jharana, she put haldi on both Virat and Jharana.

Heer feels very sad about doing this. And Virat also understands her grief. But nothing can be done because he is the husband of Jharana and the protector of Heer.

Next, Heer says she has to go home because she has exams and has to study. Preeto says she will also go with her but Parmeet says that they cannot go now. Because they have not even had breakfast.

Preeto says there is no need. Then Rohan brings some parcels and gives it to Virat. And tells that someone has given it to him. Virat takes the parcel and goes to his room. Heer says she is getting late so she will leave now. Rohan says he will take her home.

Heer is leaving from there. Soham sees that Heer is alone and takes advantage of the opportunity and captures Heer. And says that he has to die today. But then he is shocked to see Virat in Heer’s clothes.

Virat beats him and before he can handle himself, Rohan comes there as well as Preeto. Preeto advises them to remove his wart. They do as Preeto says and remove the mask. They are shocked to see Soham behind the mask.

Preeto asks why did he do this. She says Heer is her sister and he wants to harm her. Soham says that a eunuch cannot be someone’s sister. Virat tries to remind him that he once loved his sister very much.

Soham says but now that love is over. Soham warns them that if they do not tell the truth of Heer, he will kill Heer himself. Preeto gets angry at this and she slaps Soham. Episode end.

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