Nagin 13th Sep – Bani lose Jai

At the beginning of the episode, Bani meets Jai’s family members, and they like Bani very much. Then the dance function starts and there are some rounds in it to see who wins. The first round is won by the boys ie Singhania and the second round wins Bani and her family. Then Jai Bani and Veer and Meera do duet dance. But in the end, Bani’s hand comes in Veer’s hand and everyone is shocked to see this. Bani asks him to release her hand.

But when he does not leave her hand, Jai comes there and there is a fight between them. Bani tells him to calm down so that he does not come in his snake form. Veer troubles him further and provokes Jai to fight. But Bani stops him and calms him down.

Further, Veer asks his brother to take Jai away. His brother sets out to fulfill his order. There, Bani uses her poison in Mehndi. So that it can burn Veer’s hand. Bani also tells this thing to Jai. And then she gives poisoned mehndi to Veer.

Mehndiwali asks what is the first name of the groom. Veer says that V but Bani tells her that her groom’s name starts with J. Veer then asks where is her groom Jai. Then Jai comes there and Veer gives him the Mehdi. But Bani stops him so that henna containing poison was not in his hand. But for some reason, Mehndi named Veer gets in the hands of Bani.

And this makes Jai’s grandmother angry. Jai calms her down and goes out. Veer’s brothers go after him. Veer drowns hands in mehndi. Bani thinks it will be fun because now Veer’s hand will burn. But nothing like this happens. His hand does not burn. Bani gets shocked. Veer’s brother takes Jai away. When Jai does not come there for long, Bani goes to see him outside and she realizes that Jai is missing.

There, Veer harmed Jai. Bani gets his clothes and she cries. Bani goes home and loudly calls Veer name and says she will not leave him now. But she is surprised to see that there is no one at home, only Veer is there, she goes to him. Bani calls him a murderer and says how dare he do this. Veer says because he made him angry.

Bani says she will finish him. Veer says she is a common girl so she can’t spoil him. Veer comes in his eagle form. But when Bani is not surprised to see him, he is shocked. Bani asks what happened as he is shocked because she is not scared to see him. Bani says because she already knew who he was. Then she comes in her serpent avatar. Veer gets shocked. Veer hit her first and Bani also wanted the same. Because she could not attack him until he attacks her.

Bani laughs at him and takes her bhayanak serpent form. The battle between chil and the serpent begins. Both try to defeat each other using their respective powers. But Veer is repeatedly losing to Bani. All the efforts of Veer fail. And finally, Bani finishes him. Episode end.

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