Shaadi Mubarak 12th Sep : Priyanka’s strange behavior surprises Juhi and Kusum

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum comes to her room, and the flowers showers on her. Preeti apologizes to her and plays a special song for her.

But Kusum still does not agree. There KT tells his mother that it is his desire to do a job. His mother says it’s okay then. KT says he is very hungry so severe his food. His mother says okay. Kt’s aunt listens to Kt’s mother convention with his uncle and she feels bad about it.

Priyanka says that her mother is a dictator and if no one does what she said then she does this drama like always. Even if someone feels suffocating. Preeti tells Priyanka that she misunderstands her mother. Because she is not what she thinks. Kusum gets emotional after listening to Preeti. And later she apologizes to her for her bad behavior.

Preeti gets happy and then tells her about Agarwal’s function happening here. She tells that she watching the arrangements for the Samaroh happening there. Kusum likes it. The next day Preeti is busy with her work when she notices an unknown man and goes to him. She goes to him and asks who he is.

And when KT comes in front of her, she is shocked. Kusum shares this with Juhi. Juhi does not get it right but Kusum explains everything well to her. Then Priyanka comes there and is telling the problem of money to her friend.

Juhi says she will help her but she says that she does not trust Juhi. Juhi and Kusum are shocked. Priyanka leaves from there. Preeti asks KT how he came to know that she is going to work here. KT then remembers how Kusum told him everything. Episode end.

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