Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th Sep : The fight between Aman and Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Mahira asks to play catch catches with Baby. Aman agrees and throws the child but Roshni catches him. Roshni asks him to return in tureself but Aman says she cannot change him. Roshni says that the power of love can change him. Aman says he doesn’t care and asks him to compete with him.

Roshni is ready for it. Rubina says Aman is more powerful than her. Rubina says but still, she will try to help her so that she can fight with Saya jin and also win. Rubina would have left from there.

Then Saya Jin comes there and asks Roshni to see in his eyes and tells her to come towards evil, on which Roshni refuses. Rehan and Shayari call Rubina and ask where is the mountain of fire. Rubina tells them about Neil Parrot can show them the path of the fire mountain and hang up the phone. While Roshni is ready for the fight, with a blindfold tied on her eyes.

Rubina tells Aman that he cannot use magic. Aman asks why. Rubina says so that the competition is equal. Aman says he does not care. Roshni says if he uses magic then it will prove that he is a coward. Aman says that if it is so, he will not use magic.

The fight between the two begins. Aman attacks Roshni but Roshni falls to one side. And Aman falls on the couch. Roshni then uses magic and captures Aman. Shayari and Rehan get a blue parrot as a man. And he tells them to follow him.

They follow him. Aman says this is cheating. Saya Jin also says the same. Roshni says that even though Aman has changed, he still has the same heart as a father. Roshni holds the child. Saya Jin says that now her child will be in bad condition. Aman runs towards the child.

Precap – The third challenge Aman and Roshni face with a child.

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