Nagin 12th Sep – Bani revealed that she will marry Jai

Bani revealed that she will marry Jai

At the beginning of the episode, Bani’s aunt taunts Bani that she is not doing any work. But then Bani comes there and gives everyone their goods which she has brought from outside. She then goes to Meera and asks her if she really wants to marry Veer. Meera tells that she does not hate him so she has no problem with getting married to him.

Bani asks does she like him. Meera answers in a no. Bani says that if it is so, it is good because she wants to take advantage of today’s party and kill Singhania. Then Jai’s call comes and he asks Bani to stop the engagement. Bani refuses and tells him her plan. Jai says he wants to come with her for whom Bani refuses and says she will take care of everything.

There Singhania discusses whether Veer has come to know his truth. But Balwant says that if he knew the truth then he would not sit silent. Everyone agrees. Next, the function starts. Veer’s brothers dance. Balwant tells Bani’s family that his brothers wanted to give him a special welcome so they danced to which aunt says she also likes to dance.

After a while, Meera hears someone talking and learns that Singhania smuggles girls. Meera is shocked to hear this and tells this to Bani. Bani is also taken aback. She tells Meera to be careful. Then my aunt comes there and takes Meera from there.

Jai comes to his house and his sister asks him what has happened to him. Because he behaves strangely. Jai reveals to her that he is a snake. Her sister and brother are delighted with the surprise. There, Veer is harassing Bani and after some time Jai arrives there. And lets Veer stay away from Bani.

When Veer does not take a step back. Bani tells him that she will marry Jai on his wedding day. Veer gets shocked. Jai says he does not like that she is marrying him to avenge Veer. Bani assured him that everything would be alright after their marriage.

Both Bani and Jai tell their family members that they are going to marry each other. On which Bani’s family is sad and taunts her. The same Jay’s family questions him about Bani. Like how she is and who she is. Jai tells them that she is a good girl. Veer behaves strangely there. And dances. There Bani’s aunt is still taunting her. And behaves rudely with Bani. Episode end.

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