Shaadi Mubarak 11th Sep : Preeti took a big decision

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti thinks when KT will leave, and when he does not go, she goes out and sits on the bench. Juhi calls Preeti and asks where she is.

Preeti says it was suffocating at the house so she set out. Preeti says that she should also tell KT that he should leave. Juhi thinks how will she say this. Kusum also thinks about how Preeti can do this.

Rati and Tarun are fighting amongst themselves because they are not getting a maid. Preeti watches them. Rati also notices her and also sees that Preeti does not have slippers in her feet. Rati goes to her and asks her if Kusum has fired her without slippers.

Preeti tells her that nothing like this has happened but she keeps her very well and with respect. Preeti also tells them that she will do the job. Tarun laughs at her and says that she will get only a maid job and Rati also says that Tarun is right.

Preeti then comes to Kusum’s house and Kusum asks her what she thought. Preeti reveals that she does not want to partner with him. KT tells her uncle that he knows Preeti does not want to work with him.

Preeti says that she does not understand why KT chose a newcomer like her. Kusum says because he understands her talent. Preeti says that he is an unknown person and she cannot trust him because her own son cheated on her.

Kusum says but KT is a good person. Preeti is still firm on her decision. Kusum gets up from there and goes into anger. Preeti calls KT and rejects her offer. KT gets frustrated and hangs up the phone.

While KT’s mother scolds his uncle because he ask KT to work, but KT supports his uncle. There Kusum is angry with Preeti and is not eating or drinking anything. Episode end.

Precap: Preeti decides to organize a small function and informs Kusum. Preeti and KT would meet again.

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