Yeh Hain Chahtein 11th Sep : Appa’s Birthday Celebration.

The episode starts with the precap scenes getting repeated. Ahana asks who is Saransh real mother to which Nikku tells her he will find out fast as Appa told him this only. Then Ahana murmurs that this is the reality that Preesha wants to hide but she will expose her and will throw her out of Rudra’s life. Then at Khurana house, Preesha prepares Appa’s favorite dishes as it’s his birthday.

Now back in jail, Niketan asks Ahana to make use of the situation to their belief. Then Ahana says that don’t worry she will use this “Brahmastra” to the fullest. But Ahana has flashbacks of how Niketan deal with her during Saransh’s kidnapping. Then Preesha is heading to Shrinivasan place to call Appa as questioned by Saransh as Appa isn’t answering her calls.

Saransh is also there with Preesha as he insists. Preesha tells him to complete his homework but he says he wants to come with her. Saransh also asks Rudra but Preesha denies and says Rudra to take rest, he is fractured. Then Rudra says he is fine and can come to give a surprise. Then Preesha and Rudra say thank you to each other.

They both arrive at Shrinivasan place but Amma and Appa arent there. Then a neighbor tells them about Appa’s arrest. Amma is with a lawyer as suggested by Yuvraj. The lawyer says Amma can’t afford him and that she should hire somebody else. He is way too expensive. He takes lakhs for an hour.

Preesha blames herself for her parent’s condition. Saransh says they are there with her. Then Preesha calls Amma and asks, Amma first lied then she gave Preesha a lawyer’s address. Meanwhile, Ahana is an urge to find about the birth certificate. Ahana decides to go to Chennai to find about Saransh’s birth certificate after finding it in Preesha’s room.
Episode ends. 

Precap: Ahana reaches Chennai and says now everything will be clear. At the police station, Preesha says for some test, which Appa clears but the Police inform that court has rejected the Bail. Ahana asks a lady about whom Preesha went for taking care of years back. She says Chennai hospital. Ahana foest there and ask the nurse to give her information about Preesha.

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