Anupamma 11th Sep : Babuji comes

The episode starts with Anupmaa is being called Anu for the first from Vanraj. Vanraj says he hardly cares about anybody but she. All the kinds of right she has to question. Vanraj is super happy Anu trusts her so much. Then Vanran speaks about Anirudh that he is just trying to tarnish Kavya’s image for the obvious reasons. Then he adds about him being added to the mess of course. Then Vanraj compares their love to what Kinjal and Toshu have. The amount of trust Anupamaa has. Anupamaa blushes to hear all these.

Kavya then orders Anirudh to behave or else things will be worse but he is not listening, he says his happiness is with her only so he won’t leave her at any sort. Kavya says they are past now and that he must give her divorce. And leaves.

Then Anirudh pleads that if he will work will Kavya stays in his life, Kavya pays no head. Anirudh adds that if she will stay he will be happy. And also she can’t replace Anupamaa from Vanraj’s life and family.

Now to add to joy Bapuji comes and everybody is happy. He gives Baa a rose. Baa says what about the gift. To which Bapuji says he brought for everybody. Anu and Vanraj take blessing from him. Mamaji and Babuji nok jhonks.

Vanraj says to Anu that today he has taken off the grom office as they need to figure out about the wedding. They order food from outside to give Anu a break. Anu is teased by family. Rakhi comes and apologizes to Vanraj as he was about to leave. Then Rakhi says that she wants to give surprise to them and no need to inform before as Kinjal says. Rakhi brings some gifts for all. And that Vanraj should give her an apology. Baa compliments Rakhi.

Vanraj informs Kavya of not coming to the office as Babuji is there and he will have family time. Kavya and Anirudh still at loggerheads. And that she won’t be listening to anybody but her only. Anu is called by Vanraj for marriage discussions. Jhilmil will manage food. Then Rakhi comments about Vanraj and Kavya but surprised to see Vanraj’s behavior.
The episode ends.

Precap: Rakhi says that there will be around 200 guests and which will not be fit in the community hall. Then Rakhi says now engagement will going to be broken off.

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