Barrister babu 11th Sep : Mini and Anirudh share good moments

At the beginning of the episode, Sampoorna says that she is a servant of this house and she can only call her a mistress.  Bondita disagrees with this.  Bondita says that this is wrong and she does not believe it.  And she is her sister and she will help her in this way.

Sampoorna says there is no use because this case will be solved only by giving 4 goats as dowry.  Bondita asks what is dowry.  Sampoorna says dowry is a curse for a girl, which is given by the girl’s parents in marriage as promised.

Bondita says if this is such a wrong thing, she will ask Anirudh to make her educated so that she erases the word of dowry.  Sampoorna says that these auspicious days come early but she has no way but to drown.

Bondita tells her not to say so and says that she and Anirudh will help her.  Sampoorna tells her not to say anything to Anirudh or else everyone will curse her.

Bondita says okay she will not tell.  But to solve the problem of Sampurna, she thinks about taking her to Kahna Ji of Brijpura.

Anirudh asks Mini to dance with her.  But Mini refuses because she doesn’t look pretty.  Anirudh thinks he will do anything to make Mini happy.  And he tells Mini she still looks beautiful.  And Mini agrees to dance.

Bondita asks Sampoorna to go to the kitchen and Bondita herself goes to Batuk.  Mini takes a coat and asks him to wear it.  Anirudh does the same.

Bondita reminds Batuk of his promise and asks him to help her.  She asks him to do the work given by Anirudh.  Batuk refuses at first but then gets ready to help Bondita on her insistence.

Anirudh gets dressed up in a suit and Mini also wears a beautiful outfit and the two dance.  Anirudh thinks of Bondita even while dancing and thinks of seeing Bondita.

Bondita makes Batuk to wear a sari and when Anirudh looks at her, he is happy that Bondita is studying.  Bondita is hiding out in the basket with Sampoorna when Trilochan comes there.  Episode end.

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