Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th Sep : Aman trapped in Saya Jin’s web

In the beginning of the episode, Baby is cleaning and Saya Jin takes her under his spell too. And Baby forgets everything and tells everyone to stay away from her. Everybody gets worried. Mahira too comes there and curses everyone for spoiling her prank.

Shayari is playing whistle and calling someone. Rehan stops her and says that he knows he is beautiful in appearance but that does not mean she can play whistle on him. Rubina tells Roshni that something strange is happening for real. Rubina discovers something in her book and finds that Saya who is present in her house is getting it all done.

Rubina then brings a juice and tells Roshni that by drinking its syrup, no one will fall into Jin’s web. But when they go down, they see that Saya Jin’s magic has gone on all the people and everything has gone wrong.

Shayari calls Natasha’s Hamalar and she and Rehan to see that the deal between Natasha and Jin is that the decision to send the three most powerful Jin in the Junaid Mansion so that no one knows his name.

Roshni goes to Aman and tells him about the mess but finds that he is also possessed by Saya Jin. Aman picks up the child and Roshni asks what is he trying to do. Aman tells that he is going to give the child to the black gin. Roshni stops him.

Shayari and Rehan find out that Jin’s name will be found on the mountain of fire, but before they can find out any further thing, Natasha comes there and stops Hamalar. Roshni stops Aman but he says that now she will not be able to change him. Episode end.

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