Shakti 11th Sep : Virat saves Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Virat tells Heer if she tells anyone about Nutan, he will complain about Preeto. Heer says she is not afraid of anyone, so if he wants to tell anyone, then tell. Virat then leaves and Heer cries after he leaves.

Virat gets upset in his room and throws Soumya’s diary because he finds nothing special in it. Virat sees his own shadow. His shadow tells him that what he did is wrong.

Because Heer was in love with him and he only hurt her because she is a eunuch. His shadow says that not only does Nutan owe him but also Heer because she taught him to live.

Virat says that he does not care and asks him to leave. Then Jharana comes thereafter hearing his voice and asks whom he was talking to. Virat does not say anything. Jharana feels that Virat has had a bad dream.

In the morning, Virat disappears from the house, Jharana asks about him. Sant tells her not to do so as Virat does not like Rok-Tok.

There Preeto is yelling at Rohan as Heer went to the temple alone. And Soham’s trick is that he will shoot Heer in the temple. But all the householders are unaware of this except Shano.

There, in the temple, Heer is praying to God, then Virat comes there. Virat shows Heer her diary and reads some of his pages in front of her. And apologizes to her and says that he wants to be her friend.

Heer asks him to repeat it back. And when he says back that he wished to be her friend. So Heer slaps him and says she won’t believe him again and leaves. Virat stops her and notices that a gun is taunting towards Heer.

Soham runs the gun but Virat saves her. Heer looks at Soham and recognizes that the man hiding behind the mask is Soham. Episode end.

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