Barrister babu 10th Sep : New tricks of Mini

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says that he will not allow Bondita’s studies to stop at any cost. And that’s why he will become the master of Bondita and will teach her. Binoy gives this information to Mini. And says Anirudh has a passion to teach Bondita on his head.

Mini says but she will not let Anirudh succeed in it. Then Mini gets the sound of someone’s footsteps and pretends to be unconscious and disconnecting the phone. Koyli comes and is shocked to see this and sets out to call Anirudh.

Anirudh Bondita has been learning the alphabet, and Bondita wants to eat the alphabet made of bundis. Anirudh says that if she can make alphabet according to this then she can eat Bundiya. Bondita says that this is very customized study and everyone would like to do such studies. Anirudh says this is what he wanted.

Then Koyli comes there and informs Anirudh about Mini’s condition. Anirudh quickly leaves from there. He goes to Mini’s house and picks up unconscious Mini and puts her to bed. He looks at Mini’s diary in which she has written her grief. Anirudh is sad to read it.

Mini pretends to be conscious and calls Anirudh. Anirudh goes to her and tells her not to get upset as he is with hee. Mini is happy.

Then Bondita makes a call from Bihari to know the solution of Mini. Anirudh picks up the phone. Bondita is happy to hear his voice and asks about Mini. Anirudh says she is fine now. And he asks Bondita to study.

Further, Bondita is studying and notices her sister Sampurna. She goes to Sampurna and sees that her sister is unhappy. She asks the reason for this. Sampoorna hesitates to tell first. But on the insistence of Bondita, she gives the reason for her grief. Episode end.

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