Anupamma 10th Sep : Anupamaa still trust Vanraj

The episode starts with Samar and Nandani having a race which he loses deliberately. Then Nandani asks that Samar was going to the City center so how can he be here. Samar and Nandani have a moment of catch and fall which is mocked by none other then Anirudh and he says they are the same as Kavya and Vanraj. Samar and Nandani are confused. Kavya apologizes to the Shah family on behalf of Anirudh and says she doesn’t know what he wants from her. Baa blames Kavya presence for everything and says she is responsible even after Anupamaa taking Kavya’s side, Baa is adamant that its Kavya’s fault only and makes them aware of Janamashtmi drama.

Anupamaa is too confident that both Kavya and Vanraj are right and they don’t believe in Anirudh’s words. Then Anupamaa says all those society talks and about the independence of women. Anupamaa offers Kavya that Vanraj will drop her but Kavya disagrees and leaves. Anupamaa further says it’s not easy to forget but if she needs any help then Shah’s are there. Nandani says that she will not get marry seeing the condition of a girl like this and that Kavya is strong and can handle herself very much.

Everybody is damn pissed. Baa again says Kavya shouldn’t be there. And then Baa and Anupamaa have a talk regarding Kavya and Anupamaa feelings as a wife(precap scene), Vanraj is super angry and warns Kavya it’s high time Anirudh should mend his ways or else things will be worst.

Kavya says all he is talking about Anirudh and that he came for drama. Then Kavya asks why didn’t he drop her to which he says so as to not give anybody a chance to speak ill about him. And that Anupamaa trusts him blindly. He doesn’t want to prick him. Then Anupamaa says to Baa her trust is like a tree cant be shaken by such small incidents. And Vanraj won’t break her trust. Then Vanraj says too many people know about, us and Anirudh can create trouble. The whole precap repeats. The episode ends.

Precap: Rakhi on way to Shah’s house and says sorry to Vanraj. Kinjal sincerely hopes Vanraj to accept the apologies.

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