Yeh Hain Chahtein 10th Sep : Ahana knows the truth

The episode starts with Amma visite the jail and is broken seeing Appa’s condition. He is beaten black and blue. Amma shouts at Police for this unruly behavior but they make her silent. Amma is in all mood to call Preesha but Appa stops her and says already she is in trouble regarding Saransh so they shouldn’t be troubling her more. Then they talk about Saransh’s mom. What will Khurana’s think of her, that her father is a part of drug and all?

Niketan Overhears the conversation and plans for revenge from Preesha about secrets.
Preesha is worried as Amma and Appa not picking up the call. Rudra comes to Preesha as his tie problem, Saransh laughs on him then Rudra says instead of showing his teeth he can at least help him.

Saransh leaves by saying he only wanted Preesha’s help, so why will he help and says Preesha can help better. Preesha then says to him to stop this drama and she will help. As Rudra doesn’t want to be like a joker in front of the entire class. Preesha is in thoughts that why Rudra is not looking at her even Rudra is having the same thought process. Preesha loses her patience and ask is he still angry on the suspension matter. Rudra leaves saying if he will look at her then everything will be destroyed and back to square one.

On the other day, the Police inspector informs Amma that its no longer a drug case and that the girl who consumed is in a serious state so even after arranging money they can’t leave him. Amma’s colors vanished. Amma prays the girl should get alright. Amma cuts Preesha’s call every time. Then the precap scene repeats.

There were a surprise test and Saransh scores a perfect 100 then both wonders about Rudra’s marks. Saransh knows his marks but Rudra doesn’t disclose to Preesha in order to tease her. Preesha and Rudra have a moment in bed while playing and teasing each other. Rudra hand gets hurt. Rahul and Yuvi are on another plan. Then Amma wants Appa out at any sort so she takes Yuvraj’s help. Yuvraj told her to get another lawyer and that he is too expensive. Rudra in the hospital with broken arms. Balraj is angry and scolds Rudra. Preesha asks Rudra why he lied that it’s because of Saransh. Rudra is highly confused as he is not getting angry on Preesha rather he is ok. Then the truth comes out in front of Ahana. Ahana feeling helpless about Niketan. Episode ends.

Precap: Ahana sees Preesha medical documents. And also Appa’s arrest news reaches Preesha.

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