Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th Sep : Saya Jin is in Junaid Haveli

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni and Aman notice a sack and they think this is their child. They run towards him. But in the sack, there is a doll. Both of them get peace by seeing this. Then Chunmun laughs and says that their child is in danger and they are playing with toys.

Both start searching for Armaan again as there is only one minute left. Roshni asks Armaan to make a gesture so that she can find him. That’s when the sound of water comes. Roshni tells Aman that Armaan is in a pool. Aman makes his exit. But the web which is imposed on Armaan does not remove. Chunmun says there are only 10 seconds left and she starts counting down. The count is about to end. Armaan still in danger. But at the right time, Rubina comes there and saves Armaan before the count is over.

Then they ask Spider Jin the name of Black Jin because they have defeated her. Spider Jin tells them the first letter which is “L”. Next, Natasha is about to send another lamp. But Shayari catches her. She says that she knows that she has a hand behind sending a lamp and she will finish lamp this time. But before they can do anything, the lamp reaches home.

Roshni stands in front of the glass and sees that the lamp is present in their house. But when she looks away from the glass, there is no lamp. It is Saya Jin who discovers the evils of others and increases them. Saya jin sees Mahira and knows that Mahira has a habit of pranking. And he makes Mahira’s habit of prank dangerous. And Mahira this time drops the grandmother from top to bottom as a prank. But Roshni stops the grandmother from falling at the right time. And Rehan calls and informs her that another Chirag has arrived at Junaid Haveli. Roshni tells this to Aman and he tells her not to worry because together they can do anything.

Precap: Saya Jin’s spell captures Aman.

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