Shakti 10th Sep : Heer asks for Gurminder’s help

At the beginning of the episode, there is a conversation between Preeto and Virat. In which Virat tells Preeto that he will be the protector of Heer as per Nutan’s wish.

Preeto says Harman had done something similar and then fell in love with Soumya. Virat says that he is still the same Virat and he will not do anything like that.

Further, Virat goes to his house and Sant taunts him as he goes to the police station for Nutan. And Jharana also starts to question him where he went and why. Virat says that he is not her child who answers him and goes away.

Heer asks Gurminder for help in Nutan’s case and Gurminder talks to her father about this and informs Heer. Heer thanks her for her help. Virat overhears Gurminder and tells her not to help Heer. Gurminder refuses to obey him.

Rohan comes to Heer’s room and tells her to walk downstairs as everyone will give her a test. Virat goes to her room and sees Jharana checking his phone. Virat snatches his phone. Jharana then gives Virat a book. Virat remembers Soumya’s diary and leaves from there to find it.

Soham asks Heer about the eunuchs to which Heer is unable to answer. Preeto says soon Heer will also answer these questions. Virat arrives through the window in Heer’s room and searches for the diary. Then Heer comes there and asks why he is here.

Virat says that he came to tell her not to implicate Gurminder in the matter of Nutan. Heer says Gurminder is also her sister. Virat says he will complain to Preeto if she did not agree. Episode end.

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