Yeh Hain Chahtein 9th Sep : Balraj comes to know the reality

The episode begins with Amma tries to call Yuvi for help but Appa denies nothing will happen to him. Now in the next scene society people bad mouth about Preesha and Appa, Saransh brings happiness to Preesha by showing her their family pictures. That first it was Rudra who surprised them now then they will surprise by arranging the photos.

Preesha asks what they want for a return gift. In flashbacks, Rudra notices Preesha is lying and says he doesn’t want any sort of gift. Preesha decided to talk to Rudra as he is feeling strange. Preesha says if he wants to tell him anything he can but Rudra says nothing.
Balraj calls Rudra. Rudra says what is the matter. Then the precap scene. Then Balraj says to her now why she is standing like a statue. She doesn’t have to say now. And also says he will call the hospital to know the reason. He says he will do. Preesha is still silent. Then they came to know Preesha got suspended last week.

Everybody wonders then where she used to go. Balraj is worried about his image. Then Preesha says how helpless she is she can’t even tell them the truth. Then Rudra says stop talking like this to Preesha, Balraj says wow how can he do like this. Rudra gave them consoling that it just a legal notice and nothing else. That will hire a lawyer, Balraj makes fun and says Preesha is not uttering a single word. Rudra says he wants to be a supporting hubby not like Balraj who always mistreats his wife. Music plays.

Then on the other side Police says Amma to hire a lawyer in order to release Appa from everywhere. Amma is collecting money for Zamant meanwhile Appa is getting beatings in Jail. Rudra says Preesha can share stuff and that they figure out a solution together. Preesha says she won’t hide anything in the near future. Then all three have a moment.
Amma finally got all the money arranged then goes to Police but they say she is late. Then Amma demands she wants to see Appa. Episode ends.

Precap: Police inform Amma, Appa cant be bailout. Niketan tells Ahana that Saransh is not biologically Preesha’s son. Preesha gets to know about Appa’s arrest.

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