Anupamma 9th Sep : Anirudh comes to Shah’s house

The episode starts with everybody celebrating by dancing and eating desserts. Kavya is super jealous seeing all the celebrations and the attention Anupamaa is getting. Pakhi as usual wants pic for social media so she asks Kavya to click a family photo.

Kavya plans to take the place of family in Vanraj’s life while taking photos. As Vanraj told her he can di anything for his family. She takes the oath that she is Vanraj’s family and that she can do anything for that. She won’t ask but directly takes the place. Babuji is on a video call when everybody shares the happiness. Anupamaa takes blessings.

Anupamaa says to Bapuji, he should be present in the engagement and they will dance also so practice is needed. Bapuji is arrogant about coming back until and unless Baa requests. But Baa says a big NO. The whole family requests Baa to request him so that Babuji will not miss anything and that he will be present in the functions. Baa says Ok and pleads to Babuji. Babuji says Ok he will come as Baa fulfilled his demand. Mamaji says it will be double fun. Babuji compliments Anu which not liked by Kavya. Nandini is thanked by Samar for their couple dance. And also Samar says Toshu bhai is happy. Nandani says she did everything for Anupamaa and not for him so there should be no misunderstanding.
Samar says he can’t hug her. And mutters something which Nandani overhears.
Samar says he generally likes when anybody does good things as by his mom. She says Ok. She gets a call and leaves. Samar tries to help by dropping but Nandani denies and says cant. She goes.

Samar stalks her. Mamaji says this is to Anupamaa which Samar immediately changes the topic. Pakhi says that will Toshu drops her at her friend’s place as she wants notes from her so she asks Anupamaa will Toshu. Anupamaa says yes why not. Toshu will do anything today as he is super happy. Vanraj asks to fix a date asking from Pandit Ji. To Baa.
Kavya gets shocked seeing Anirudh in the Shah family photo. Even Vanraj isn’t too happy. Kavya mutters that Anirudh won’t let her get a part of the family photo.

Anirudh gives his introduction. Anupamaa says what is there to get shocked. He came and that’s happy news. Anirudh says he came there just to say Hi to Anupamaa. Vanraj says why. Anupamaa is shocked seeing Vanraj’s treatment towards Anirudh as he is Kavya’s husband. Anirudh says Kavya spoiling their house. Anirudh wants to talk to Anupamaa and gives examples of Kavya and Vanraj. Anupamaa says please mind your words when addressing the elders. He says sorry. Kavya says why do you want to spoil all the fun. Anupamaa says they should not be fighting like this and that they should leave. Then the precap scene repeats. Episode ends.

Precap: Vanraj says to Kavya he needs to act to which Kavya warns him not to break her trust.

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