Shaadi Mubarak 9th Sep : Chanda insulted Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti is going to go to Chanda and see how Chanda is scolding her employees. Chanda says that this is the wedding of Raichand and they need to organize a good marriage. But the suggestions given by her employees are boring. Preeti gets nervous seeing Chanda’s behavior but still goes to her. KT also notices her there.

Preeti goes to Chanda and suggests something. Chanda is impressed by her suggestion. KT also feels good about her suggestion. Chanda is impressed by her suggestion and hires her. But her staff tells her that she is the same thief who stole her ring. Chanda gets angry after hearing this. And she calls Preeti a thief and shameless. Preeti gets angry and she says that she is not a thief. Preeti leaves saying this.

KT goes after her. Preeti is crying. KT tells her that he knows that she is not a thief and tells her not to cry. KT says he knows she has some family issues. Because when he called her Rati picked up her phone and spoke strange words. KT says that he knows that she is upset so she tried to commit suicide. Preeti says that she did not try to do something like that. Preeti scolds him for deciding on the half-hearted truth and leaves.

Preeti goes home and sees her in-laws are there with Rati and Tarun. Preeti’s mother-in-law taunts her to stay at her daughter’s house. And orders to return home. Juhi denies this and says Preeti gets insulted in that house and she will not go there. Her mother-in-law says this keeps happening. But Tarun regrets so she should come back home now. Her mother-in-law hold her hand and is about to leave. But Kusum stops her and says that if Tarun gives a part of his house to Preeti, then Preeti will leave happily from here. Everyone is shocked. Episode end.

Precap: KT ask Preeti to be his partner. Preeti gets shocked.

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