Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th Sep : Aman and Roshni trick Spider Jin

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni and the entire family get caught in a spider web. Chunmun says because they stabbed her with a spear, so she catches them. And now they will die within an hour and then Chunmun will eat them. And will give the child to black Jin.

But at the same time the powers of Armaan and Roshni meet and the web is removed. The housemates keep quiet chatter so that Chunmun does not hear anything and she feels that they have become unconscious.

Roshni Aman and others are coming out from there. But Baby make a voice and Chunmun ties her hands. Baby pretends like she is a cat and Roshni takes her out. And they leave from there.

There, Rehan and Shayari are coming for home and a pomegranate falls on their car on the way. They feel as if the enemy is there. On
When they come out of car, they see it is a pomegranate. The pomegranate juice gets shattered on the way and Shayari sees that a spider is coming there. When the pomegranate juice touches the spider the spider dies.

Roshni and Aman find out that Chunmun has trapped the entire house with webs. They try to get out of there but fail. Then Rubina informs them that when Jin is very powerful they can only defeated by their power. Then Aman receives Rehan’s call and he tells him about the pomegranate juice.

Then all apply pomegranate juice on their body and go to Chunmun. They carry all the utensils with them and make sounds. Chunmun hears the sounds of utensils and strikes them with web, but gets herself caught.

Chunmun is fermented whose move it is, then Roshni and Aman tell her that they have done this. Chunmun laughs and tells them that this trap cannot hold her for more than 5 minutes as it has been roasted by her. Chunmun says that their focus was on her so much that they forgot their child.

Aman warns her that nothing should happen to his child. Chunmun is laughing at it. Roshni and Aman start searching for Armaan. And find that Armaan has fallen into the web and is falling from above. Both of them get scared on seeing this and run towards him calling Armaan’s name. Episode end.

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