Shakti 8th Sep : Heer decides to make police complaint against Kareena

Today’s episode starts with Heer crying and screaming Nutan. She asks Nutan to wake up. Chameli gives support to Heer. She covers Nutan’s face and Heer cries loudly. Virat too gets teary seeing Heer and Nutan. Mallika tells to Preeto that Nutan sacrificed her life for saving Heer and Virat. Heer hugs Virat and cries. She asks him to wake up Nutan. Virat hugs Heer back.

Ahead, Mallika along with Chameli decides for Nutan’s last rite. Meanwhile, Preeto asks Virat to stay away from Heer, which is good for both. Virat says to Mallika that he too wants to attend Nutan’s last rite and says she saved his life. Mallika explains to Virat that people from this world don’t attend the last rites of transgender because they don’t cry when any transgender die instead they celebrate. Mallika gets teary. Virat leaves the place and goes towards his car, at the same time Heer comes crying to Preeto.

Heer urges Preeto to attend Nutan’s last rite as she was only her friend. Preeto denies. Heer gets adamant to attend Nutan’s last rite. Mallika interrupts and says people from this world don’t attend last rite of transgender. Heer replies to Mallika if this is the fact than consider her as a transgender too. Preeto slaps Heer. Harak, Virat, Mallika and other stands shocked. Preeto drags Heer to the home.

Virat recalls the moment and splashes the water on his face. He screams why such thing is happening to him. He goes to his home. His father taunts that, Virat is sympathizing with transgender these day. Virat replies to his father and tells him that he is alive because of transgender only.

There, Preeto comes with Heer. Shanno gets shocked. Soham and Rohan returns home. Soham gets shocked seeing Heer. Preeto learns that Rohan and Soham went to celebrate Soham’s birthday and left Heer. She hits the duo. Further, Rohan learns about Nutan and feels sad. Heer cries hugging Rohan. Rohan takes Heer inside the house. Everyone console Heer. Heer learned that Kareena attacked on her as she was Saumya’s enemy. She decides to make a police complaint against Kareena. Preeto says to her that Harak will see into the matter and asks her to concentrate on her exams. Rohan takes Heer to the room. (Episode Ends)

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