Barrister babu 8th Sep : Anirudh surprises Bondita

Today’s episode starts with Anirudh meeting Brijvasi. Brijvasi says to Anirudh that he is trying to find a way for something. Brijvasi says he was a Barrister like him too and don’t agree upon anything before it is proved. Anirudh says to him that he seems different but he doesn’t believe in prayers or saints. Brijvasi says to Anirudh that he does not believe now but one day he will surely do it.

There, Bondita shows her curiosity on Brijvasi and asks Bihari why he turned Lord Krishna’s devotee. Bihari tells to Bondita that Brijvasi was big barrister like Anirudh but one day God ask him to become his messenger. Brijvasi wakes up from the dream and finds Lord Krishna’s idol beside his pillow. From then he started to spread Lord Krishna’s message to people. Birjvasi asks Anirudh to keep the peacock feather with him untill he starts believe in the power of divine. He says their path will keep crossing each other because it is destined. Anirudh sees the peacock feather and mocks Brijvasi’s word. He says if this magical feather will help him in finding teacher for Bondita. He sees the feather.

Afterwards, Trilochan brings rice sack and asks to Bondita that her today’s task is to clean the rice. Bondita says to Trilochan that she can’t do it in one day. Trilochan asks Bondita to take her time. Meanwhile, Batuk comes and informs to Bondita that her new teacher is waiting for her in study. Bondita gets scared. Trilochan says he too wants to see who agreed to teach Bondita.

Trilochan along with Bondita and Batuk goes to the study. Trilochan asks the person don’t he know what Bondita did with her previous teacher. The new teacher doesn’t respond to Trilochan. Trilochan asks the teacher how much heavy amount Anirudh paid him to educate Bondita. Later, Anirudh unveils himself as Bondita’s teacher. Bondita jumps in happiness. Anirudh smile. Binoy, Trilochan and Batuk stands shocked.

Other side, Sumari talks with Munshi that Sampoorna betrayed them thus they should bring new wife for Saurabh. Sampoorna over hears her talk and urges her not to get Saurabh married again. She says she can even turn servant for her. Sumari asks Sampoorna to work at Roy’s palace. Sampoorna agrees.

Here, Anirudh explains that by taking education Bondita one day will shine high. Bondita gets happy hearing Anirudh. (Episode Ends)

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