Shaadi Mubarak 8th Sep : Preeti faces hardships in finding a job at her age

The episode starts with Kusum suggesting wedding planner job to Preeti. Sumedh suggests Priyanka to make CV for Preeti as per her CV format. Juhi requests Priyanka and She agrees. Preeti starts enrolling her Cv with the help of family.

Kajal prepares the Cv and sends it to Sumedh’s mail. KT finds the poem that’s given by Preeti to motivate him. Kusum sees the video where KT thanks the stranger for the ladoo and poem. She shows Preeti the video and sees the note.

She understands that it’s her whom he’s thanking. She feels disgusted when he kisses the poem note. Kusum wonders who’s the person who gave the note to Preeti. Preeti prays to keep KT out of her life. KT’s chacha says that he wants to talk something with her.

He says about Chanda but KT says that he has already forgot it. Chacha says that whatever she said about marriage is wrong but she’s not wrong about her job. He says that he loves him more than his own child.

Chacha says that he has capability to succeed in his work but after his wife left him he stopped working. He says he don’t want anyone pointing fingers at him. He says that he needs to focus on his work and recalls the time when every one of us felt proud of him. He asks him to make his own identity and claim his self respect. He advises him to think about it and leaves. KT gets into thinking.

Kusum teases Preeti for wearing the saree wrong. Preeti says that she’s worried as she never worked before. Kusum asks whether she did any naughty things with anyone before marriage.

Preeti panics and says no. She says still she managed to give birth to children with her husband. They both bursts out laughing. Next morning Preeti prays for her new venture. Everyone wishes her good luck and gives her various things to help her. Juhi feeds her sugar and Curd.

Kusum gives her protein bar and she leaves. She meets Tarun outside and he ignores her rudely. Rati sees her and thinks she’s doing household chores and for the house. She greets Preeti and leaves with Tarun. Preeti visits various companies but everyone rejects her for her age.

One person is about to give job to her but soon sees Tarun’s wedding pictures. He calls her cheater as the marriage was planned by Rati’s company. She recalls giving credit to Rati’s company despite Juhi’s saying. She’s sitting in a cafe when she hears two girls speaking about the biggest wedding planner Chanda Rathod.

Kusum calls her and she says of the same. She’s hesitant to approach her but Kusum motivates her. KT comes to the same restaurant as Chanda and they both see each other. His mother proposes to leave but KT asks her to stay. She leaves to washroom and Preeti enters the cafe.

Precap : Chanda gives job to Preeti but her assistant says that she’s the one who stole her ring. Chanda insults her.

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