Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 February 2022 written update: Manish is taken to Birla hospital

In the beginning of the episode, Manjuri and Akshu both fold hands in front of Manish and ask him to take back the case, the family says so too. When Manish doesn’t accept her request, she says she won’t let Abhimanyu suffer and says to Manjuri that she will go with her to the police station. Manish video calls Akhilesh and asks him to turn the camera as Akshu is going to come to the station. Akshu arrives at the police station and says to arrest her also as Abhimanyu was standing outside her house because of her. Manjuri supports her, the inspector gets frustrated and tells the constable to let Abhimanyu go. Manjuri hugs both of them. Abhimanyu says to them both of them are his strength.

Manish in his room looks at the photo frame of Kartik and Naira and says to them that he tried to take their place but failed and they have to forgive him. He holds his hand and has an attack, Arohi from outside his room sees him on the floor and screams. Arohi calls Akshu and tells her that something has happened to Manish, she gets shocked and loses her balance. Abhimanyu helps her and asks her to get on the bike fast. She on the bike asks Abhimanyu what he was scared of to happen to Manish, he tells her it’s a heart attack.

Manish is put on the bed and Arohi does his check-up and says it’s a heart attack, and they don’t have the time to wait so they have to rush. Abhimanyu asks Akshu to call and ask where he is getting taken to, she does and Vansh tells her that Manish is being taken to Birla hospital.

Manish is brought to the Birla hospital. Harshwardhan sees him, Arohi tells him that he had an attack. Harshwardhan says they have to take him immediately for the operation, he says that he will arrange for the doctor. He says that Anand is in another surgery, and right now if Abhimanyu would have not left the hospital they would have had a surgeon. He says to them to take him to the operation theater and he will get a surgeon. He says to Akshu to see the consequences of a doctor missing from the hospital. He then says to her that this what her love is costing all of them.

Akshu thinks to herself that Abhimanyu left her outside and where did he go. She then rushes to the operation theater, where she holds Manish’s hand and says to him to not leave her alone and the nurse asks her to leave. She comes outside and Kairav hugs her and says that Manish will be well. She feels Abhimanyu’s presence, and goes towards the door and Abhimanyu walks in.

Upcoming- Mahima says that now Manish is going to have fight for himself to live. Abhimanyu inside injects him with a injection, Akshu sings a prayer. Abhimanyu comes outside and Akshu is on her knees and emotional.

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