Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Akshara conversing with the police and requesting that they put all vital charges on Yuvraj.

Nonetheless, Abhira and Akshara are stunned as they notice Yuvraj remaining before them and Yuvraj calls Abhira child while asking his mother by marriage for what good reason they look so focused.

Akshara says that she will send Yuvraj to imprison some way or another which makes Yuvraj grin and he says that he enjoys this battle between a man and a lady.

After Akshara and Abhira leave there, Abhira advises Akshara to leave Masoori and go to Delhi rather as they can’t remain there in harmony.

As Abhira discusses somebody’s passing, Akshara becomes reminded about how Neil, Arohi, Abhinav, Abhimanyu, and Abheer kicked the bucket in the past with an empty space in her heart.

Carrying back Akshara to her detects, Abhira advises her that they need to move out as Yuvraj and Jagraj won’t allow them to live in harmony.

Akshara focuses at Smita and says that she won’t leave her in that frame of mind as her agony is limitless contrasted with theirs.

Abhira lets Akshara know that she is with her for this situation yet after Akshara wins the case, she should leave for Delhi with Abhira.

In the mean time, Armaan plays chess with Rohit where they go about as arraignment and protection legal counselors and Rohit loses the game and case after which Armaan claims the bicycle as the triumphant reward.

Ruhi prepares to go on the date with Armaan and picks her dress while Manish lets Surekha know that they ought to help Ruhi as she isn’t concealing a single thing from them.

Swarna trusts that Ruhi goes with no off-base choices while getting head over heels.

Somewhere else, Abhira begins an internet based challenge Yuvraj which makes the media pursue them and Jagraj calls Sanjay to ask him for his best safeguard legal advisor, which is Armaan.

Armaan organizes everything for his date and trusts that Ruhi will show up when Sanjay calls him and requests that he return home promptly as it involves the family.

Ruhi nearly arrives at the scene when Armaan tells her that he can be a piece late after which he leaves and is stunned when Sanjay requests that he leave for Masoori right away.

Dadi sa reminds Armaan about the family name and notoriety after which Armaan attempts to send a voice note to Ruhi yet flops as his telephone goes dead.

In the wake of charging the telephone, Armaan erroneously drops it which drives the telephone to break and Sanjay requests that he center around the case all things considered.

Abhira implores God that Akshara doesn’t get injured by the MLA in any capacity and she can remove her mom from this wreck.

Armaan swallows his own requirements for his family and lets himself know that he will get back to Ruhi not long after completing the case and winning it.