Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 December 2020 Written Update – Kartik came back home

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav went inside the home and called out loudly to everyone. Swarna came and hugged him and told saw Kartik and Naira at the door and told them that I will not welcome them every time as they are the members of this family so they are free to come and go from here. Many corrected Swarna and told them they can only come with their wish but can not go according to their wish. Kit welcomed them. Luv and Kush came running and apologized to Naira for being rude in the past and know they got to know that it was their fault. Krishna told Naira not to go this time leaving her alone. The caretaker brought the wheelchair and

Kartik thanked Naksh for handling his family like this. Naksh said he knows very well that you are trying to tell me that now your work is over you can leave from here. Gayu was worried about their come back. Naira went to her and apologized and requested her to forgive her as all misunderstood occurred due to her. Gayu said I know very well you have just come here for Dadi, and you will go back if you will not go back then I have made tickets for me because I was already knowing that this would happen one day.

Naira told Dadi to get well soon as they have to go back for Kairav admission. Dadi told them she would go back to the hospital or else promise me that you all will not go anywhere till I die. Gayu saw this and went off. Naira was saying Kairav to sleep but suddenly Swarna and Manish came and told them that today they will sleep with Kairav while telling stories to him. Naira and Kartik were spending their time while discussing how will Gayu accept us.

Kartik told me everything would take time to settle. Naira told we will not go anywhere leaving this place. Them Naira and Kartik did a couple of dances together while playing with the toys. The next morning Naira was enjoying the coffee and felt lucky to be with Kartik for a long time. Naira tries to explain to him some love philosophy but Kartik told he only believes in reality.

Episode end

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