Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 February 2022 written update: Abhimanyu performs surgery on Manish

In the beginning of the episode, As the family waits for a surgeon to arrive, Akshu feels Abhimanyu’s presence and goes towards the door and Abhimanyu walks in. She is about to hug him. He says to her to not as he has to get sanitized again. She asks him where he was. He tells her that he doesn’t work in tge Birla hospital anymore, so he had to fill the formalities of a consultant surgeon and that it took him time. He before entering the operation theater says to Akshu to not worry as he would not let anything happen to Manish as he has scolded him more. Harshwardhan comes and says to Akhilesh that it wouldn’t have taken longer if Abhimanyu hadn’t left the hospital and needed to fill in as a consultant doctor.

Abhimanyu performs the surgery and says to Manish that he has to fight to live as he has to also get Akshu married. Akshu outside says it’s already been 4 hours, Arohi says the more the complicated case the longer it takes. Anand comes and stands beside Harshwardhan and Arohi joins them, Harshvardhan tells them that the situation is critical. Akshu in a corner stands and says that Abhimanyu please save Manish.

The family at home both Goenka’s and Birla’s pray for Manish’s well-being. A nurse comes out to bring an injection, Akshu says why the nurse was in a hurry. Anand says Manish is giving up.
Mahima says that now Manish has to fight for himself to live. Abhimanyu inside injects him with an injection, Abhimanyu says to Manish to respond as he has to scold them more.

Akshu sings a prayer, and Abhimanyu sees a hope and says to Manish that he can hear Akshu’s voice and has to wake for her. Harshwardhan asks Anand what is happening. Anand says to him to stop it as music does help. Akshu coughs and stops the singing. Kairav gives her water and says to not sing.

Manish stops breathing and the nurse comes to get a machine. Akshu screams from outside to Abhimanyu that he has to get Manish back. Abhimanyu comes outside and Akshu is on her knees and emotional. He says that he did say that he won’t let Manish go without slapping him, he looks at Akshu and says that Manish is safe.

Kairav video calls the family and Mahima receives a call from Manjuri, they get the good news and everyone celebrates. Manish is brought outside to shift to the ward, Kairav goes close to him. Abhimanyu asks him to not touch as he is sensitive to germs, Manish is taken to the ward. Akshu says that today Manish is safe only because of Abhimanyu. Harshwardhan says that Abhimanyu is the best doctor that Birla hospital has and Anand says to Abhimanyu that he also thinks after him if someone can take care of the hospital it’s Abhimanyu.

Upcoming- Akshu sits with Abhimanyu and complains that she never wanted a love that would be the cause of her family’s pain. He says to her what kind of love they have, whenever she speaks of its always family first.

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