Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 November 2020 Written Update : Gayu told the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik remembered how Kairav was scared of Naira, suddenly Naksh came there offering drinks to him, said Kartik, and there are a few situations in which both are correct, but their Goals are different. Naksh said that he is very much aware of their maturity, but sometimes misunderstanding creates a big problem. Kartik said Naira is stubborn, and she made all this mess. Gayu was watching Ram Leela, and suddenly Naira came and told Gayu that she had some misunderstanding about that incident, but Gayu said she did not twist her words now. Gayu said Vansh also accepted that Kairav had pushed him. Gayu told their family is very much partial towards her, so she is aware that no one will say anything to them.

Dadi was advising Naksh to care of Krish, suddenly Gayu with Vansh came, and Naira was following them and telling them to stop. Everyone tried to calm down Gayu and said Naira is trying to say something else. Manish said Gayu not to twist Naira’s words.

Gayu shouted and said, trust Goenkas never accepted Vansh; what can I expect more from them. Till now, I just ignored everything, but now it will not be like that. Everyone was shocked. Gayu said she was in the hope that this family will give the same importance to them also. Kartik told Gayu not to speak such things in Infront of Vansh.

Gayu said because Naira Surekha has also suffered a lot. Gayu went to Surekha and said to her to say what she has tolerated because of Naira. Manish told Gayu to calm down and wait for dort Samarath to come, but Gayu said he would say nothing to you. Gayu shouted at Manish and said he is the only one who does partiality between his family and the Naira family.

Manish was shocked to hear this. They have not been treated equally to them. Gayu indirectly pointed towards Dadi and said she has also done many partialities between Vansh and Kairav. Naira said, Gayu that she is doing wrong by saying harsh words.

Episode end

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