Yeh Hain Chahtein 26 November 2020 Written Update : Mahima escape from home

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha said Mahima to rest and leaves that room. Rudkraksh told that they should leave or else Saransh will get worried. Preesha told Rudkraksh to come aside as she wants to discuss something important. Rudkraksh and Preesha were arguing with each other, suddenly Mahima came and blamed herself for disturbing the peace of their family.

Rudkraksh clearly said Saransh is very close to him, and he can not help her and said Preesh that he is waiting for her in the car. Preesha refused to come with him, but Mahima forced her to go. While returning, Rudkraksh played music to change Preesha mood, but she did not give any reaction than Rudkraksh stopped the car said sorry to her for shouting at him.

Preesha was ignoring him and turned her face towards the window; after a while, Preesha found Rudkraksh was missing then she came out and suddenly saw Rudkraksh was standing in the car with balloons and started shouting sorry Pressha than Preesha requested him to come down and everyone was gathered around.

Preesha and Rudkraksh returned, and Saransh hugged Preesha. Balraj gave the good news to Rudkraksh that he is the only one doing a live concert after the lockdown. Everyone was happy for him.

Gps and Sharadha went outside, leaving Mahima alone. Suddenly Mahima turned on the tv and saw a couple of fighting clips and thought for Rudkraksh and Preesha. Rudkraksh and Preesha were on the way to Delhi, and suddenly Pressha noticed Mahima on the road. Rudkraksh went down and tried to stop the truck, which was coming towards her. At the last moment, Yuvraj saved her by dragging her aside. Then Preesha came and hugged Mahima.

Mahima was unaware of anything, and she was not able to recall anything. Yuvraj said two times that he saved her. Mahima claimed she is not able to recall anything. Mahima said she could not trouble anyone became for her sake. Mahima said Rudkraksh forget her, and she will go away from their life. Preesha said she is not troubling anyone. Gps and Sharadha came back and searched for Mahima, but she was not there at home. Gps rang Mahima and Rudkraksh took the phone from her.

Episode end

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