Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 26 November 2020 Written Update : Pakhi gets discouraged

At the beginning of the episode, Virat and Sai give flowers to Lord Mahadev. Karishma tells Kaku, and everyone else had so much expectation from Virat. Usha says Pakhi Virat had no ease to call or notify you. Even we did not have time, that is why intimacy is in the temple. Please do not be annoyed. Sai advises him to go and Communicate with Pakhi and their family.

Virat answers I will not leave my duty. Sai asks Virat what you assumed to have an alternative to go back to Nagpur, but you were seized into this matrimony. Virat answers, this is my pledge; you are being pushed into it. Pakhi cracks down, crying. She tells Sunny that even Virat is like other people.

Sai says I am glad you did not lie to me, but I am worried about your commitment, so I will give you a commitment that I will nevermore come within your agreement. Sai orders him to go and speak with Pakhi and other members; otherwise, they might charge me. Virat states that it won’t appear as she has no guilt, Sai says, but she is the originator.

Karishma pauses Mohit from telling other members as she wants to view the drama. Virat introduces Sai with Sunny and others. Sunny taunts Virat, what is this. Have you thought anything about your home? Virat says Sai’s life in risk. I couldn’t leave her solely here. I had to satisfy my words.

Sunny said Pakhi is so outraged and confused. Virat responds if Pakhi saw Sai and me in Nagpur like this, she would be more troubled. I am going to speak to her and reveal to her. Virat comes to talk with Pakhi. Pakhi says, you broke my hope and trust. Virat says, please hear me. Pakhi says you invited me here so that I can see you divulging your word.

Virat states I called you here to tell you about my position. Pakhi says Sunny knew it? Virat says no, I required you to know about it initially. Virat told Pakhi that he has called her to confess. Pakhi answers, but you didn’t make an error you stuck on me. You made a vow to me, and based on that commitment, I partnered with you. Virat says everything was in a hurry. Pakhi says, since the day you came here, I just overheard one name Sai.

Virat seeks to demonstrate that her thought is mistaken. He says neither did I break my promise nor cheated on you. Virat says This matrimony is a compromise. As soon as Sai’s study is complete, she can move, and I have already told her this. Pakhi says, why did you insure me if you had to split it.

Episode end

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